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Video Conference, Web Conference, Collaboration, Presentation, Training and more

No matter how the world changes, an efficient communication is always one of the keys for your success. With Himeeting - the software video conferencing system, organizations can communicate, collaborate, and train online with real time audio, video and interaction through standard web browsers. Himeeting is ideal for online video conference, web seminars, online customer service, staff training, sales meeting and more, which audiences can attend anytime, anywhere.


Himeeting Video Conferencing System enables you,your team, your customers, and partners to see and talk to each other through Internet. Not only are the audio and video communications, digital content is also a very important part in an efficient communication or training. Himeeting incorporates all of the essential web conferencing features - digital whiteboard, presentations, application sharing, text chat, voting, and web video - in an attractive and easy-to-use interface.

Himeeting provides high performance and seamless operation. Slide transitions during a presentation are instantaneous. Himeeting also provide automatic bandwidth management to optimize the use of all types and qualities of network connection.

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